The BDSM Shopping List

Do you have a BDSM shopping list?

That list of hard limits that you start off, those things that you don’t want.

Why not have a look at it, is it actually a list of hard limits or has it turned into a list of wants?

So many I have seen start off with the good intention of making a list for their partner of what they feel they really do not want to have as part of their dynamic.  Then for some reason this list seems to change part way through from what you don’t want into what you do want.

So let’s look at this for a moment from my point of view as a female.

As a couple we agree we want to get more involved in the BDSM scene, however to make sure we both enjoy it we agree that we must let each other know the hard limits that we have.

So it starts off with the usual suspects, the popular scat play, needle play, blood play, then it starts to deviate slightly.  You put down cuckolding, but quantify it with – I’d like to try it once but not as a lifestyle choice.  Then you add chastity but quantify it with – only when not at work or doing sports.

These are not hard limits you are putting down, these are things you want to do but only in the situation that you have stated.   This is a shopping list of what you want from your BDSM experience.

Please when trying to state hard limits keep it to those things you are not wanting to try under any circumstances.  This gives a base line for what is not going to be happening in your BDSM journey.  Once you have these then you are in the perfect place to start exploring what you do want to do.

It is also most off putting for a partner who is probably only just beginning their journey to be given a BDSM shopping list of what you want, no discussion, no agreement just this is what you want.  For many partners this would end the discussion before it began, this is a joint venture, a joint journey, make sure you don’t make the mistake of forgetting to ask what your partner desires before stating your wants.

Chastity, Submission and Shopping

Here at MJKH things have been progressing apace, especially in regard to Chastity, Submission and Shopping.  I thought it would be an idea to let you know what has been going on.

Male chastity is of course my first love and I still take great satisfaction in helping you guys build on your initial desires to be locked.  Yes, it can take time and dedication to go from fantasising to actually locking for weeks at a time but with some dedication and effort it can be done.

Submission is what happens when I have a session at the Glasgow Dungeon.  When someone comes to session with me, they have already decided that they are going to submit to me within certain parameters.  There is always a discussion before the session starts to make sure that we both know what we are looking to get out of the session.  Then the submission begins and we make those fantasies become reality as much as we can.

Shopping is my newest joy.  What better way to enjoy the world of MJKH than to have my own sexy store where all you lovely visitors can purchase a wide variety of sexy playthings.  Not from some nameless company but from Mistress Jules.  I have outsourced the delivery etc of course but keep your eye out for special Mistress Jules discounts for forum members and those who have ordered through my professional services site.  The layout of the store is at the early stages and shall be improved very shortly, until then why not have a look around and see if there is anything that catches your eye?



Chastity submission and shopping, three things that make Mistress Jules very happy, I hope you enjoy them to and continue to visit to keep up with the goings on in MJKH world.

Club Night Fun

Last night was a great night for @Lockit and I, we attended our favourite fetish club in Glasgow.  It is such a great thing to be able to go meet up with like minded people and enjoy their company for a few hours.

There were people from my local munch there along with some visitors from Leeds and some came down from Aberdeen for a visit.  It was a busy night but oh it was a fun night.

Lockit of course was locked, it is part of the rules, if I am at the fetish club with or without him, he must be locked whilst I am there.  This causes him some exquisite torture if I decide I am going to play with him when he is there.

Obviously as part owner of the dungeon, we don’t have to play at club so sometimes when it is busy we stay away from the equipment to allow people who can’t attend very often the full fun of the play areas.  Every so often we do get the chance to play on a club night which has such a charged atmosphere it takes things to a whole different level.  Last night was one of those nights.

We managed to use my favourite dark room and the St Andrews cross.  I had @Lockit so tightly bound that he was almost on tiptoe.  As it had been some time since we had played to this level I was very generous and started off gently with soft leather floggers.  Once his skin was pink and warm, then I got to play with my more serious toys.

Thong flogger, single tail, adders tongue and dragon tail were all utilised to great effect and by the end of our little play my darling @Lockit was suitably submissive and grateful for his Mistresses attentions.

How I love club night.

Fetish Club Meetings

I was at the fetish club I frequent in Glasgow last night with Lockit, then to my great surprise I met up with our new member Submissive Barry.  It was such a surprise when he introduced himself, as we all know, it is not often that you get to meet people from the net in real life.

You all know that I attend that club, Lockit comes with me when he can and AC helps out on the bar most nights, it was really nice to meet another member.

I do hope you had a good time Barry and no doubt we shall catch up at another event in the future.

Personal Chastity Lockdown In Glasgow

Now I am here at Glasgow Dungeon for full days at a time, I can take the time to explore and play with new toys.

So if there is something you would like to see or for me to take a photograph of whilst I am here, why not let me know.  You can always post in the comments or come onto the forum and let me know there.

We have cages, crosses, suspension rigs with slings, so many canes, whips etc.  We also have electrics, toys for varying kinds of play.  Maybe you would prefer to see the rooms as a whole.

Remember you can hire the rooms to use yourself or with a partner and try out some of the equipment yourselves.  Why not have a look and let me know what you think.

Imagine my locked up boys coming to visit me in here, personal lock ups where you walk away locked and I have the keys.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

More Chastity, Fetish and Domination

Tomorrow is the first day of my new world.  I have taken the plunge and am going to be working at Glasgow Dungeon 3 days a week now.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I am going to be able to enjoy myself on a daily basis having fun with all you lovely guys.  I shall be using Adultwork as well to enable me to chat to you on the phone and if you are really lucky I may even do some camming.

I am looking forward to being able to speak to more of you on a more regular basis and also extend the availability of the Glasgow Dungeon both for sessions and for room hire.

This is going to be so much fun, watch this space for updates as to how my new world filled with even more chastity, fetish and domination progresses.

Introducing a Partner to Forums

As can happen in any arena where there are a variety of options there will be some differing opinions.  Look at the Olympics, it’s all sport but not everyone enjoys every event.

Thus it is with sexual fantasies, there is such a variety available that not everyone on a forum will be interested in everything being discussed.

Yes, this forum has some areas I tend not to visit, they are not my kink.  There will be others out there who do not enjoy my penchant for whips and floggers.  My kink is not their kink but that is ok.

Where I think many females lose out on the enjoyment of a forum is the way they are introduced to it.  Their partners forget that they have been here some time and are used to the different kinks that make a site into what it is.

Unfortunately, for someone who has only recently been introduced to kink, this could quite easily be a step too far.  Imagine if you will, your lovely lady, up until now relatively vanilla, maybe done some spanking or read 50 shades and agreed to go a bit further.  To then introduce her to a site which has such a variety of kinksters as members along with all their associated fetishes is I think a step too far without some warning.

So many sites are worldwide and welcoming to all, this needs to be explained to wives and girlfriends before introducing them if they are new to the scene. If you don’t do that you only have yourself to blame for any negative reaction to things they are not expecting.

Many guys visit a site for months before introducing partners, you cannot expect a partner to be on the same wavelength if you are only just introducing them to this world.


Back In To Chastity

After a week of familial time, at 12 noon tomorrow, Lockit and I are finally on our own for the next 5 days.

Already he has been warned that I expect him to bathe shave and lock as soon as we return home after dropping off the family at the railway station.  One of the reasons I am so eager is that I had a manicure today and my nails are a beautiful shade of scarlet.  I intend taking some lovely photographs of me helping get all locked up snug and tight.

Then if he is really lucky I may take him lingerie shopping for me whilst he is locked, that sounds like fun to me, what do you think?

Watch this space to follow our fun times as we finally have some time alone together.

London All Change For Mistress Jules

Whilst I am here in London I am making preparations for some big changes.  I shall, from 11th August be working in the Glasgow Dungeon on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Just think, so much more time to deal with you naughty boys.

If you are unable to attend in person then why not go through Adultwork and we can call or cam to ensure you are behaving in a way that is acceptable to me?

To have both my slave and my submissive being so supportive of this change is testament to their devotion and confidence in me and I must thank them both for their efforts on my behalf.  As soon as I find a new favourite implement I shall be sure to thank them both properly.

Keep an eye on both sites, mjkhscotland and mistressjules to make sure you don’t miss anything over the next couple of weeks.  Big changes ahead and they are going to be so much fun, I do hope you come along for the ride.

Orgasm Delay Is Not Orgasm Denial

It has become very obvious to me recently that the young findommes are embracing male chastity wholeheartedly. If like me you have a mainly fetish based twitter feed you may well have noticed the increase in the number of findommes posting about male chastity.
In saying that, who can blame them? All it takes is for them to entice their male admirers to wear a chastity device and put the key out of touch for a while. Sometimes depending on the male, it could be a couple of hours and he is back in contact begging for permission to cum.
What could be easier than sitting waiting on those desperate males and inviting them to donate to the happiness of the findomme. The more they pay the quicker the release.
Unfortunately although for many this can be a pleasurable kind of torture, some may suffer much more than a lighter bank balance.
Male chastity devices should be treated with care. They are not something to be used without trial and error.
Male chastity itself is a completely different animal from that being practiced by someone using it to obtain money in exchange for permission to cum.
For me, male chastity is about orgasm denial, not orgasm delay. I expect my chaste males to deny their orgasms because it pleases me. The safety aspect is also very important, no one wants blisters and gouges on their penis, which is what can happen if care is not taken.
As more and more inexperienced youngsters find out how easy it can be to make money using their version of male chastity the pleasure and pride from being a chaste male will be lost.
Take care when finding a keyholder and always always have hygiene breaks when first delving into this wonderful world. When done properly Male Chastity can be a wonderful thing for all concerned.