Prospective New Slave Visits

Yesterday was a full on kink day and it was such great fun. 

We were attending club in the evening and I was meeting with a prospective slave to see how we got on.  As he will be in chastity it is important to make sure we are both going to be happy with the way things are going forward.

The meeting with the prospective slave was arranged for 2pm and it was held at the Dungeon.  We only had the chamber for half an hour so things moved rather quickly.  He did very well on arrival bringing me a gift of wine and home made cookies.  If you have been reading my page and forum for a while you will know I love cake so you can imagine how pleased I was that he had taken the time to do such a thing for me.

He locked into the device and I took some photographs for my collection.  At that point, I decided that my heels were just too much and slipped off my shoes.  He then offered to rub my feet which I gratefully accepted and allowed him one foot to deal with while I finished my cookie resting on the chaise. 

Unfortunately, the time we had was so short that we were unable to do much more than sort out a very basic regime to begin and see how we get on.  I received his first email this morning and things are looking good so far. 

Watch this space to keep up to date with our progress and to see my report on club last night.

Mistress Jules New Podcast


Good afternoon and welcome to my new podcast episode.  I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone now that I am more active online again.

I am Mistress Jules, a part time professional dominatrix and male chastity keyholder.  I have also written some books on the subject of male chastity both for chaste males and ladies who are looking at being keyholders. 

Active online I run this website along with its related forum and chat room and also frequently visit Chastity Mansion where I am currently a serving moderator.

So why am I so fascinated by this world of male chastity?  Because it gives me control and that makes me happy.  I enjoy that you cannot masturbate without my consent.  It makes me happy to think that you have stopped that mindless wanking as you watch porn and are now focused on something much more rewarding – pleasing me.

There will be more podcasts soon to give you an idea of how things should be done to please Mistress Jules, I advise you to listen and learn.


Be Careful Of Online Experts

It’s amazing how this online world can warp your perspective of what is possible and acceptable.  From online personas pretending to be someone they are not whether for their own pleasure or for personal gain to fraudsters and fantasists of so many different varieties.

Sometimes these keyboard warriors can become quite abusive and threatening and although you know they are only names on a screen, it can come as quite a shock to be at the receiving end of such vitriol.

That’s why I keep this place relatively quiet and as real as possible.  There are quite a few of us out there who are real and want to speak to other real people to compare experiences or ask advice.  Unfortunately, the real voices can quickly get drowned by those of the online wannabes, spouting their ill informed “expertise”.

A classic was one I heard of at a flogging class, he knew so much until he lifted a flogger and flailed about with it.  The person teaching asked how long he had been doing this and he said about 3 years.  When asked to clarify, he had been advising people online how to flog for years but had never held a flogger or hit someone with it.

Just as these people can warp your expectations, they can also target you to distract from their lack of real experience.  If you see someone on a forum who has not been seen out at events or met others in real life and they are attacking someone who has, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. 

Take care online, especially if you are looking for advice.  Find people who go to munches and events, go to munches and events yourself but always take online advice with a pinch of salt if you don’t know the person is real.

Chastity Cage versus Rabbit

Last night started with us watching the Michael Douglas film The Game.  For our evening together I decided Lockit would be locked of course but that he would also be wearing collar and cuffs which were chained together to restrict his movement.

The only movement I required from him whilst we were watching the movie was to give me a footrub.  This he managed admirably and pretty much for the duration of the whole movie.  His drinking of tea however was a tad hampered as were other simple tasks, due to the length of the chain coming from the collar through the cuffs.

After the movie had finished we sat and chatted and I teased him with my spare foot rubbing on his cage and the dressage whip and suede flogger that I just happened to have close by.  Having wound him up suitably using this method I declared that it was time for bed as we both had busy days today.

I was kind enough to let him remove the collar and cuffs to undress then replaced them before joining him in bed.

As he very subtly let me know that he would be happy to please me, I chatted to him as if nothing was further from my mind.  My right hand however had reached for the bedside cabinet and acquired an item that was in no way meant for me that night.

I intimated that I was ready for sleep and he should get comfortable, knowing that he always relaxes lying on his back first.  Once he had relaxed I moved to kiss him good night and placed the rampant rabbit on his device at the first setting.  The reaction was immediate and satisfying as he immediately bucked against the rabbit and moaned.

Switching on the bedside light I threw back the covers and positioned the rabbit with its two little ears each in a space on the device touching his straining flesh and the shaft of the device going down below his balls towards his ass.

Time to explore the settings.  The first three are just speed settings, after that however the vibrations begin to have patterns.  One of the most delicious to watch is the one where there is a low slow beat to the vibration for a few beats then a very long fast buzz. This repeating is so much fun to watch as relaxation for the first vibes is replaced with a thrust and moan when the high speed kicks in.

There are quite a few variations on the rabbit and I went through them all at least 3 times, sometimes putting more pressure on his balls and ass, other times making sure those little ears were doing their worst on his poor little locked cock.

Bless him he did try to warn me that he was about to cum, I didn’t hear him until it was too late, I was having way too much fun watching him writhe and moan.   It makes is doubly fun when the chains rattle as they go through the loop on the collar.  This of course means I forgot to take photographs until he was all cleaned up and flaccid but I thought you might like to see how it was done.


After he was done cleaning up, he was allowed to go to sleep.  How much sleep he got being locked, collared and cuffed, I don’t know, he was up this morning when required which was all I cared about.

A night of Exploration

As lockit and I have some free time this evening, I think it is about time to start training him in some of the many possibilities of serving his Mistress.

He will of course be locked in chastity throughout and we will begin with a footrub.  This time however he will be naked, collared and cuffed for the duration of the footrub and afterwards he shall be my footstool as I relax with a cold drink.

If he shows himself to be a good student then I may allow him to do more.  There are the vibrating massage gloves  that are very relaxing and some rather nice massage oils that could be used afterwards.

I think this could be the start of a rather exciting evening.  Once I am suitably relaxed then I can turn my attention to him.

Mistress Jules Lifestyle Control – A Taster

If you are brave enough to want to spend a day under my control, it will not be easy and I will expect much from you.  Here is a taster of some of the things you will go through.


6.30am – Get up and send Mistress a photo of your locked penis to verify your locked status.

6.35am – Write Mistress an email of no less than 200 words explaining why you are so thankful that Mistress is spending time on ensuring you do exactly as you are told.  Mistress must receive this email by 6.55am

7.00am – Mistress will reply to your email and tell you what you will be wearing that day.

7.30am – send verification photograph to Mistress to confirm you are dressed appropriately.

7.45am – receive email from Mistress telling you what you may eat for breakfast, if you may have breakfast at all.

After that depends on what your situation for that day is.  If you are working then Mistress will ensure that you are reminded of your lowly status throughout the day at appropriate moments.  If you are not working then Mistress may devise some requirements for you that will ensure you remember your place in Mistress Jules world.

If you would like to spend a day under the control of Mistress Jules please book your day in advance so preparations can be made and information of the time you have available may be taken into consideration.  We wouldn’t want you to have put in a butt plug just before you go to the gym now would we?

The Unexpected Moment

Yesterday lockit and myself went on a little excursion in the evening and it struck me sitting beside him as we were being driven around that this was one of those moments.

It wasn’t a Wow moment or an epiphany moment, it was just a moment when I realised that we were together, doing something for ourselves.  No work, no kink, no families, no obligations, no anything apart from him and me taking time to be together as a couple.  It was like a bubble of time, enjoying just being together, holding hands, laughing, watching the world go by.

How often do moments like this happen?

Not often enough, there always seems to be family, work, preparations, underlying expectations.  To have that moment of time when you are just spending time with each other away from day to day life was priceless.

Do you have a favourite time that turned into an unexpected moment?

The First Hours of a Visit

Lockit arrived today.  Unfortunately, I was out of the house when he arrived however, I think the last hour has left him in no doubt as to how his stay will continue.

He was allowed to have a cup of tea whilst waiting for my arrival then I joined him on the couch for some snuggling.   Once we had ascertained that there was no damage or soreness from being locked for the drive up from London he went off to have a shower.

Once he came out of the shower and into the bedroom he found a sleepsack awaiting him into which he was quickly tied.  The sleepsack has some very useful openings which I intended to take advantage of.

If you have watched my second video about my toy box you will have seen the little flogger.  That was used first very gently just to prepare him for later.  Once he was suitably relaxed a bullet vibrator with a variety of settings was used to remind him just how much fun it was being here.

Then of course I used both, holding the vibrator against the cage whilst at the same time using the little rubber flogger on his balls.  After having him writhing as much as he could in his restrained situation for quite some time I have now left him to rest.   Well, he has just driven 500 miles, I don’t want to tire him out too early.

Once he has recovered we shall go shopping and prepare for a night of service.  I shall keep you updated as to how we get on.