First Release

What an exciting time, Slave Maxwell has been caged since our original start of 26th October, he has bravely done a 48 hour session of chastity.  I am sure if you look at the pictures on his profile you can see the effect it was having on him.

As he got fuller and tighter Mistress Jules decided that a release was necessary as it has been some time since Maxwell has had a Mistress or been caged.  What with all the stimulation he has been getting breaking in his ass to his new butt plug, the effects were magnified.

So at 48 hours Maxwell was prepared to enjoy his first release and had permission to have his first orgasm under the control of Mistress Jules.

Cam was switched on and the order was given “Slave Maxwell, release yourself”  slowly and carefully Maxwell undid the lock, took off the cage and removed the ring.  What a joyous relief to both Maxwell and his cock and balls, his cock grew joyfully to look Mistress Jules in the eye.  With some much needed stroking and fondling Maxwell built the moment.

Eventually after teasing his Mistress he was given the order to cum.  Mindful of his fullness Maxwell came onto a table where his cum could be shown to his Mistress to let her know of his devotion and want for her.  This was indeed a memorable occasion.

After his orgasm Maxwell was instructed to lovingly wash his cock and balls with the tender attentions that Mistress Jules would have given them had she been there.  After which the cage was reattached and he was once more in chastity to Mistress Jules.

When asked by his Mistress as to his thoughts on this momentous occasion, the answers Maxwell gave made his Mistress wary.  When asked directly Maxwell confirmed that he was indeed still shaken and slightly wobbly due to the intensity of the orgasm.   He was sent with loving thoughts to recover and tend to his needs whilst enjoying a well earned rest.  Mistress Jules also went to relax having enjoyed the gift she was given way more than she expected.

Now Mistress Jules and Slave Maxwell are looking forward to extending his chastity period and building to ever more intense orgasms using tease and denial techniques of various kinds.  Who knows when Maxwell will next be on our postings?

4 thoughts on “First Release

  1. Mistress Jules was very generous today allowing release for me from chastity. I was so eager to provide the cum she had built up in HER cock and balls after my somewhat brief period of chastity. Having not been caged for a some time the effect she had on me was enormous. My balls were so full of warm cum after my period of chastity that when she asked for it it came forth in torrents. Flooding out of my swollen balls like a rushing river…..

    I do hope to achieve a longer period of denial with her help, and teasing of course. Sure that the next time I’m commanded to cum it will be even more rewarding and fulfilling for us both. With her guidance I’m sure to achieve a greater level of awareness of my place in service to Mistress Jules. It is such a pleasure and reward to be in service to her. I feel so lucky to have been chosen as one of her chastised slaves in her keep.

    I look forward to all she has planned for me and will do my utmost to keep her happy and pleased with me, her slave.


  2. Thank you for those kind words Maxwell. I am pleased that you enjoyed our first release and am positive you will be able to extend your chastity whilst in my care. I am pleased to see you have recovered from your experience and look forward to many more.

  3. Congratulations Maxwell – I can certainly empathise with your joy of being allowed to cum after being locked in Chastity. I expect Mistress Jules will slowly but surely build your time up locked, so, when Mistress Jules does release you and you are allowed relief, the joy will be even more intense.

    Mistress Jules is a magnificent online Domme and I am sure you greatly value the time she spends with you

    1. I can only imagine what it will be like when I’m allowed release for Mistress…. After 5 days I’m so full for her now…. I wait in anticipation for what she has planned.

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