The new week begins

Well it’s Monday morning and Mistress Jules is getting ready to go to work.  As I go about my morning preparations I cannot help but wonder how my slaves are doing.  They too will be starting their week with obligations whether work or educational.  It’s not just going out caged for a couple of hours, this will be their first full working day in chastity under my control.

How will they manage I wonder?  Will they go happily about their business, their chastised state unknown and unnoticed by anyone but themselves and their Mistress?  Will they be more conscious of their chastised state when out in public, oh I do hope so as I most certainly am.

It’s a beautiful way to start the day, knowing my slaves are locked down in my care.  I look forward to hearing of their adventures when we return.

1 thought on “The new week begins

  1. As i go about my day today my thoughts will be constantly on Mistress Jules… the cage will be a constant reminder of who is in control and who owns my cock and balls… Hers to use when and how she see’s fit to….

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