Have a good day

Mistress Jules will be away from the computer for most of Tuesday starting at 6.30am.  So to my specially chosen chaste males I would like you to remember that I will be thinking of you in your chaste state.  You are all doing so well and each of you is finding their own niche which fits with my choices.

I know we are only 3 days into your chastity but you did join me before the date was set so you have been mine for longer than 3 days.  I hope you are enjoying our journey and I look forward to many happy times to come.

Kevin, I trust you will awaken me with your expected delightful devotional. Callum, remember and keep all your toys to hand, look at the fun you would have missed tonight if you hadn’t found the nipple clamps.  Maxwell, don’t you be playing with any toys without me being present, I know you love it but I need to be there.   Luke, whatever you choose is fine with me but you need to choose quickly.

Guys, I hope you all have a great day caged in chastity for Mistress Jules, I look forward to hearing about your adventures on my return.


Your KeyHolder


Mistress Jules

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