Long Day Ending In Discipline

Mistress Jules has been away most of the day.  Some slaves may thing that is a good thing, unless of course they have upset Mistress Jules.   13hrs of growling over missed devotionals does not make a happy Mistress.

As soon as I got to the computer I contacted Maxwell and asked if he thought he had been doing as required.  He admitted not and was prepared to accept his punishment.  Now this may not seem like much to some but it is the cornerstone of Mistress Jules relationship with her chaste males.  Morning and evening devotionals to be emailed to Mistress Jules.

To focus Maxwell’s mind on the task in hand he was plugged with the middle butt plug of his training set.  A big step as he is only beginning training.  He then was told to sit and compose a long devotional to Mistress Jules to confirm he realised the error of his ways.

Maxwell was very lucky that he managed to sent this to his Mistress before she took a long relaxing bath or he would have been plugged for a great deal longer.

As it was his relief was great when he was allowed to unplug before Mistress went to bathe.

Mistress Jules is sure Maxwell will not soon forget the importance of devotionals

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