A Hint – Possibly A Good Idea For Chaste Males To Pay Attention

It has been interesting over the past week to see how the dynamics of being an Online KeyHolder have changed. My availability was necessarily reduced unfortunately and it doesn’t seem to have taken long for some niggling annoyances to have been introduced.

However as from this evening there will be a new regime introduced. The morning and evening emails are still a pleasure, however there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm from some recently.  So we will be setting up some new guidelines – no more will I be available to chat to as a matter of course in the evenings, there will be a much more rigid system in place for contact with me and if you are not available when I request then there will not be another option until the next day.  This way I can ensure quality time with each of my chastity slaves whilst at the same time focusing their minds where they should be.

I have taken care to arrange ways in which my chaste males can show their appreciation, which funnily enough do not seem to have been taken advantage of.  Gentlemen this has been duly noted and will be held against you in the future. This is not a one way street and therefore the lack of appreciation over the last few weeks whilst I have obviously made myself available for conversation and teasing is rather disappointing.

I shall be away from the computer for most of the afternoon but will return this evening to put in place the new regime, I am sure you will enjoy the more personal approach and look forward to taking the next steps in our journey.

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