Rules and Progression

Well it has been an interesting couple of days as I have been researching just what it is that I want to gain from this journey and how my chaste males can help me achieve this.

I love having my chaste males, I love receiving their devotional emails and reading their thoughts and feelings as we go forward together.  I enjoy thinking of ways to tease and keep them interested and hope that they also enjoy these times.  I especially love seeing evidence of the effects I am having as they send in pictures and videos of straining cocks and other rather delicious happenings.

I am looking forward to Kevin being able to take part more in this as his circumstances return to normal and hope that this will bring him to a new place in his chastity.

One thing I have noticed from their writings is that one of the reasons for this journey into chastity is to show their Mistress their devotion by following strict guidelines and accepting punishment for any deviation from these.  I feel therefore that there should be a clarification of my expectations to allow the pleasure of following them and the pain of any deviation from them.

Over the next few days each of my chaste males will be receiving an email with their own set of rules and expectations.  With these clarifications I look forward to a new and exciting phase in our journey.


Next on my list is how my chaste males can entertain me and ensure their place in my affections

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