Learning All The Time

This is definitely a roller coaster ride this chastity world.  I am enjoying my journey so much but it is a steep learning curve.  There are many people contact me with ideas of what they would like, explaining fantasies, I do not get into those conversations.  My purpose is not to personify fantasies as some faceless guy jerks off at the other end of the computer screen.

I am looking to spend time with males who wish to be locked into a chastity device under my control.  They should be looking to start a journey with me which enables them to learn to please me with their denial.  Together we can find a way to ensure that both of us get enjoyment out of the fact that his cock and balls are now my property to do anything I like with.  I would prefer them to please me by their captivity but they may also be punished if that is warranted.

So to all the males out there who think this may be fun, don’t get in touch telling me of your fantasies and how much you wank and you want me to stop you.  I get nothing from that.  I leave it to you to discover how to make me interested in you, it will be a fun journey should you join us.


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