What has been going on behind the scenes?

So it seems to have been a long time since i let you know exactly what was happening.  Sorry for the delay, I will endeavour to let you know how things are shaping up.

As an online/distance keyholder it is necessarily different for my chaste males compared to those with real life keyholders.  Over the last few weeks we have had many come to us to start the journey, very few have got as far as being locked by me.  Circumstance has necessitated the withdrawal of a couple who were great fun to have here.  I am hoping that those who are on board now will be equally as entertaining to me.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some short term lockdowns as well which were agreed beforehand as a fun diversion.  Who knows maybe one day they will extend their time locked.  Ohhh and not make silly agreements with themselves about not having an orgasm after release until they had edged themselves once for every email I sent.  There was 101, he is still edging and will be for some time I hear.  Had I known I would have made an effort to send more emails.

Family circumstances are a factor that has to be taken into consideration with online keyholding, relatives being hospitalised are obviously fraught times.  However I have had two chaste males with this situation, both of whom wished to stay locked through this time.  I am of course happy to oblige and have just cut their tasks for the moment.

The verification photographs are being given a bit of a mix up with either items being added, the chaste males posture or presentation being altered etc.  It is so nice to see them on their knees with their chastity devices on display.  It’s those times when I realise all over again why I enjoy this so much.

We have had butt plugs and  nipple clamps in some play, for others their toys have been removed to ensure their focus is on my pleasure not theirs.  It pleases me that they have voluntarily given me control of their orgasms and their penis, I enjoy very much watching and learning as they realise more and more what they have given to me.  When will I let them orgasm, well Kevin has been allowed one since 26th October, Nikunj has not been allowed any so far and I have no intention of him having one any time soon.    The two newer arrivals will have to wait and see.

Please feel free to get in touch is there is anything you would like to know.

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