Interesting Day

Well today has been an interesting day.  After a few days of correspondence I agreed to meet up with the young gentleman who introduced me to the world of chastity.   We had only met once, which was when I first found out much of anything about chastity,  although he was very keen to get into this lifestyle.  As I learned and started to become a Keyholder/Mistress he was not happy with the daily emails, we agreed it was not working.  Therefore there has been a break of a few weeks since I last saw or had contact with him, recently he got back in contact to ask about starting again.

I decided that due to the fact it was him that had introduced me to this wonderful world  that he deserved another chance.  So a few days of emails and discussions about what he was looking for and what was possible led to a date being set for another meeting.

So today was the date set, we were to meet at 5pm.  At about 3pm I received a message saying he may have to cancel.  After some pushing for a decision he confirmed he was cancelling.  I wished him luck when he chose to take the next step.  So no meet but a line drawn under that option.  He was so sure that he wanted chastity and an FLR with huge detailed fantasies, unfortunately when it came time to take the first step he was unable to take it.  I wish him well in the future.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Day

  1. Dear Mistress Jules.
    You need to understand that if you are the key holder you are the one who controls the cock. Lay out “your” rules upon starting, and tell the person when they undertake this with you that if they don’t adhere to them, then they are out period. Don’t waft back, and forth, or let them control you. Once you do this you will have a lot less problems. If you demand two emails, they should be sending them. If not, then increase their time under lock, and the second time they don’t meet your demands; end it, and kick them out. They should only have access to one emergency key… maybe. If it is accessed they should have to explain why with a minimum 1500 word essay emailed to you.

    Have you looked at online keyholders that demand a lock box with a combination on it? These work by taking a digital photo of the lock box with the keys locked inside. The person under lock, and key can upload a photo of the combination on the box, and hand over access to the combination (computer file) to you. This way they can only have access to the combination when you electonically authorise over the key holder site. The person under lock, and key is expected to delete the photo from the camera, and their computer.

    I can only wish it were only two e-mails a day I had to do to keep my mistress happy. The stricter she is with me the more intense, and satisfying the whole experience is, and I never know how long I am in for once she has me in “her” control which is where I need to be. It has been two weeks since I last felt the water from, a
    shower head hit my cock, and just as long since my last erection. Yet I don’t know how long it will be until I can have these privileges granted back from her!

  2. One last note. The locks can be cut off like butter with a pair of bolt cutters in no time. However I do advocate keeping a spare key in the name of safety, although I don’t have one myself.

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