I am a Dominant Female

I am a dominant female. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, you probably wouldn’t know it to speak to me. I am polite and well mannered in most situations, although there can be a hint of my internal strength in some situations.

I am a daughter and a mother, a friend and confidante to many over the years. There are some who have known me for a long time who would probably say that I have always been a dominant female. They know when they see the quick flash in my eyes before it is controlled that I am not being true to myself and tell me that sometimes they are glad to see I am able to control this inner power. Other times they have asked for help from that very same inner power, knowing that I will not be told no by those who would deny them. I have been happy to do that in their times of need although have quickly damped down the fires when my aim has been achieved.

Over the years I have wondered why there doesn’t seem to be anyone I am compatible with to share life’s journey. Why do the men I have met do nothing for me with their expectations and posturing, I have no time for such things. There is a reason why, I now know that reason.

I am a dominant female.

I do not need a strong man to take control and give me a break from all this strength I carry. I do not need someone to take me away from this world of mine, sometimes held together only by my sheer bloody mindedness. I made my world and I am happy here.

I do want a man willing to give himself to me, to make pleasing me and my pleasure his focus. I do want a man who will be happy to come into my world just the way it is and be thankful for his time with me. I don’t need a man to do anything with or for me, I want a man to do everything with and for me. If you can understand the difference then maybe there is hope for you in my world.

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  1. Mistress Jules, What a wonderful post, clearly a woman who has discovered her true self and is enjoying the new found strength within.
    Thank you, cj

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