New Year Challenge

Well as many make New Year resolutions then I thought we could incorporate a few into the New Year Challenge.

You will need approximately 2 hours to complete this task and I would hope for photographic evidence of compliance.  These photographs are not required to have your face in them as I do appreciate privacy issues


To enable you to complete this task you will need a few things, hence posting now to enable shopping if required.

Makings of a pot of soup – see below

Chastity device – if you don’t have one as yet, improvise with a long lace or something similar – not string it is too thin. If using ribbon make sure it is fabric ribbon and not the paper wrapping kind which could cut you.

1 butt plug with appropriate lube

1 sharpie or similar marker

Nipple clamps or clothes pins



So first we are going to start by getting into the right frame of mind.

Get naked

Now I want you to stroke yourself at least 50 times without cumming, think delicious thoughts and get yourself all horny and desperate, alternating fast and slow, light and hard strokes.

Did you enjoy that?  I hope so

Now straight into a cold shower – no starting warm and cooling down, we need you to get soft again as quickly as possible.


Once you are at the required state of cold and soft I would like you to put yourself in chastity, that’s right gentlemen, lock yourself up so you know my pleasure.

Still naked it is time to make the soup –

Ohh – whilst making the soup, I would like the butt plug inserted – if you don’t have one I am sure a large carrot from your collection will suffice.

Now you are naked, chaste and plugged we may begin –


First thing to do is to peel and chop the vegetables, nice small pieces and no using food processors or any helpful gadget.  This is all your job and by small I mean less than 5mm square.

Then put a couple of pints of water into a pan with the stock cubes and put it on to heat.  The stock cubes should dissolve quite easily but in case we need to give them a hand probably best to get a wooden spoon or spatula to give them a stir.

Ohh this would be the time to put on the nipple clams or clothes pins – don’t worry they won’t be there too long, this time.

Ohhh yes, the spoon or spatula – after you have put on the nipple clamps and  before stirring the contents of the pot, I would like you to kneel on the floor with your ass in the air.  Then using the wooden spoon or spatula you are to give yourself 6 very hard swats on each ass cheek.  That is correct, 12 swats total.   Then you may stir the contents of the pot with the same utensil.

Once the stock cubes have dissolved you may remove the nipple clamps.

Now place the veggies in the pot before the water gets too hot and turn down to low for it to simmer for a while.

At this stage you should still be naked, chaste and plugged with a red ass.

From this stage on you will crawl everywhere.

Now you get a reprive of sorts, time to go and sit on that red ass, still plugged (those of you using carrots may need to trim them) and send me an email.  I would like a photo of the plugged red ass along with the email to show you have been doing as required.  I would also like to know how you are feeling at this stage, knowing you are doing this for my pleasure.

Once you have sent the email it’s time for the healthy part of your task – sit ups – As many as you can do whilst naked, chaste and plugged, who knows one day we may want to improve your total.

Once the sit ups are done take the sharpie/marker and write above your cock the number of sit ups you completed with the date on your skin.

I feel it is time you had a short break from the trials of the day so far.  You may crawl to go rest on your bed for 20 minutes.  You will be face down, hands above your head, knees drawn up and ass in the air, just wishing that I was going to walk in and deal with you.   During this time I want you to focus on how good it was when you were stroking yourself at the beginning of this task and how thankful you are that I took the time to develop this task for you.  After 20 minutes is up you may remove the butt plug/carrot before carrying on.

After your 20 minutes reflection it is time to crawl back to the kitchen and check on the soup.  Remember to be careful of the hot liquid.  A quick stir to see if the veggies are soft, if they are then remove the pot from the heat and let it cool a little – ohh look you have that wooden spoon/spatula in your hand, you know what that means –nipple clamps on again,  kneel down, face on the floor ass in the air and another 6 swats on each ass cheek please.

If the soup is not ready then another 20 minutes on your bed reflecting and repeat the above step.

Now you want to check the soup and season to taste.  Then dish it up and take a photo of you naked, chaste, clamped and with your soup.  Once you have taken the photograph you may eat your soup then remove the clamps.  Time to send another email with the number of sit ups and thoughts on the task in the content.

The chastity device I would like left on for at least another 4 hours, I am sure you can manage that as a New Year present, don’t you think?

Once you have finished the soup you may return to normal life and get dressed etc.

I hope you enjoy my little task, I certainly had fun thinking it up.


Happy New Year everyone, here’s to a great 2014.





You will need the ingredients to make a pot of soup, a small pot will do.  If you have never made soup before – try this version.


2 Veggie stock cubes

2 large onions

6 large carrots

Couple of sticks of celery

1 turnip


Basically use a couple of pints of water and grate all the veggies or chop up really small and simmer for a couple of hours.

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