All Locked Up

Isn’t it fantastic, all those who were released came back and locked again.  That is such a lovely feeling to know that they wish to be with me as we continue this journey deeper into the world of chastity.

You may have seen that our padlock winner was “lockit” who is now locked in his chastity device with my padlock and the keys approximately 400 miles away.  A change of circumstances for him indeed.  Now I am sure those are the keys in the envelope in the kitchen, or was it the ones in my bedroom, hmmm?

Only kidding, I have the keys right here beside me where they should be.  With me at all times so I know what I control and he feels secure in that knowledge.

The chat room seems to have held up under the first couple of days testing so upgrade is looking likely now and should be up and running soon.  This will allow more users to join and hopefully allow for more features to make it an enjoyable experience.

I hope to see you again soon and will be writing some more tasks and challenges in the next couple of days, if I ever get out of the chat room lol, it is so addictive.   Catch you later

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