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Why Teasing Makes Male Chastity More Fun

There are few bigger turn ons than knowing that a man has locked his cock away for your pleasure.  To then be able to add some teasing into the mix, knowing that he will be straining at the cage is just an added bonus.  A bonus that I feel I deserve.  To lock is only denial, a good thing but not terribly exciting.  Watching frustration and desperation build over time, now that is entertaining.

As a distance keyholder my options are necessarily limited however I have found that by giving tasks and challenges knowing they are doing these things is such a delicious thought.  Especially when they tell me they are going to do them.  It’s so great sitting here thinking “right now he is tied to the door handle by his balls laying on his ass with a paddle” I mean who wouldn’t like that thought.

It is possible to have someone locked up and just go for time served, that however doesn’t do it for me.  Time is not the main factor, desire and focus on me and my happiness is the biggest factor.  Teasing enables that so much more quickly and with so much more enjoyment for me at least.  I don’t tease my chaste males all the time but their joy and frustration when I spend some time on them by making their cock strain in its cage is just too good to resist.

In the near future I am looking to add podcasts so I can talk you through a challenge and you can hear me letting you know just what it is I want done.  Won’t that be nice?





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