Mistress Jules Musings

Just A Domme

That’s me, just a Domme.  I didn’t even know I was that until recently.

Over the last few months as I have learned more about this wonderful world that I enjoy so much, I have noticed I seem to be lacking somewhat in the title department.  Many other dominant females seem to be various types of Domme – findom, femdom, prodomme etc, I am just a Domme.

I found chastity by accident and it was like a lightbulb moment, so off I went into the big bad world of the internet to see if I could find my place.  I found a lot of really nice people and some nice sites that I now frequent including Chastity Mansion and Keysafe.  As I got to know myself and my likes and dislikes, I found myself becoming more dominant.  I like having the power, I like to have my guys do as I say when I say.  I love the power and am enjoying learning more each day.

As I kept wandering the internet there didn’t seem to be a corner I felt truly comfortable in, so I made my own.  A place where I can keep anyone who is interested up to date with my journey in this world, it has now expanded slightly to include a forum and chat room.  I like to be able to relate to my guys, see how they are doing and in general get to know them.  Although there is on my site the option to make some purchases of various tasks and challenges or to get me treats, these are purely optional and never expected.  I think this is where I found myself in a sort of no mans land, not a pro or fin domme but willing to be a distance keyholder to guys I got on with.

This of course necessitates a limit on the number of guys I can have as too many would take up too much time and they would not get my full attention.  Which if they are locked and submissive to me I think it is only fair that they get to interact with me on a relatively personal basis.

So there you have it, I am just a Domme, a female who enjoys the submissive male and the power she has over them.  I kinda like that thought, I hope you do too.


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