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The Transition From Online Keyholder to Real Life Domme

As most of you probably know my life as a keyholder/domme started online.  This allowed me to get to know the scene from an outside perspective before declaring myself as wanting to be part of it.

Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to join a local group who have been very helpful in bringing me into the real life scene.  This is where my journey seemed to have reached a stalling point.  I have attended clubs where there were many opportunities to play even when people heard I hadn’t done so before.  This was very kind of them but not an offer I felt able to accept until I had practiced my skills and reached a level of competence.

So how do you make this transition?  It’s the age old story, you can’t do things unless you have experience, how do you get the experience if you don’t do things?  Personally I have asked a pro domme to help me make this transition.  I decided that at least then I would not hurt someone or cause unexpected damage by my inexperience.  So hopefully over the next few weeks you should be reading of my experiences with trying out new skills in a safe environment.  This of course will mean that if at a club in the future I can accept offers of play without fear of causing injury or embarassment to anyone.

I know as an online keyholder and domme that there are some of my guys in other countries that I am never likely to meet.  However I feel that ensuring I am capable of playing in a variety of ways will enhance everyones experiences both online and in real life.

So here’s to the next steps on my journey, I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy taking them.




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