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Is An Online Mistress For You?

In this online world of fantasy versus reality, is an online Mistress going to be able to satisfy your craving?

The first thing to think of is what characteristics are you looking for in your perfect Mistress?  Is she strict and demanding all the time or would you like some softer aspects as well?  Do you want her to take control of your life or only certain aspects of it, are you being realistic about what is possible?

What is it you crave?  Control, Domination, Humiliation, Consensual Blackmail, Sissification, Attention, Chastity, Relationship? Taking into consideration the restrictions that no physical contact can place on your fantasies, can they still be fulfilled by an online Mistress?

Do you want to be able to interact with your Mistress, either on cam or by IM?  This is another option that needs to be considered, especially when some supposed Mistresses are not exactly of the female persuasion.

If physical sensation is a huge part of your fantasy are you going to be satisfied with a Mistress who can only talk/write to you.  There will be no spankings/physical punishments or teasing that does not have to either be read or listened to.  Is that enough for you?

Finally, remember you will probably have to spend some money at sometime.  If you choose a findom or pro domme, that is a given.  However even if you are lucky enough to be chosen by a non professional, if they are spending hours of their time with you in chat or emails then it is only courteous to show your appreciation.  Remember this is your fantasy that is being enabled.  If it was in real life and you met someone, you would take them for coffee or out on a date, so why not appreciate your online date.

I hope this has given you something to think about so you can make a decision before jumping in and being disappointed.  This can be a fabulous and fun world where great enjoyment can be gained, I hope you find what you are looking for.

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