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Public Playing

So here I sit after my first ever playing in public.  Not content to do anything by half measures, I came down to London and visited Club Pedestal on their last night at the Colosseum.  Not only visited but also played by flogging my slave in public for the first ever time. Lets just say… Read More Public Playing

Mistress Jules Musings

5 Months On

It is now 5 months to the day since I locked my first chaste males.  There have been many changes in that time with one of the biggest just around the corner. This weekend will see me graduate from Online Keyholder to Real Life Keyholder and Mistress.  I will at last be meeting with some… Read More 5 Months On



I have had enough! Things are going to change, no more nice Mistress Jules, too many are using my genuine wish to help to take my time and efforts whilst giving none of the same in return. So in future if you want to be spending time with me it shall be at my discretion,… Read More Enough