Mistress Jules Musings

Will Mistress Jules Get Her Total Desire?

Mistress Jules has a new playground, my local adult store has agreed to allow me to use their whole store as a wish list.  All anyone has to do to send me any item from there is to put Mistress Jules in the delivery details and they will send that item to me.

How fabulous is that, I don’t know where to begin.  Well that would be a lie, you know I have been visiting the store off and on for some time now and yesterday I decided to contact them.

Allan was extremely nice and immediately offered to help me by saying that all anyone has to do is put down that the purchase is for little ole me and he will send it toute suite.

A whole online store as my wish list, who could ask for more, will I get my total desire?  Ohhh I think so.

This is the link to their home page – http://totaldesire.co.uk/

My first visit to one of my chaste males is imminent, I wonder what toys I can use on him?  Lets see if anyone wishes to offer some help in choosing lol.


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