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A Word To The Newbie

Welcome to this wonderful world of male chastity.  If like me you have been trawling the internet to gain as much information as possible I am sure you are a bit overwhelmed by all the options available.

My advice to you would be to stop and take a little time.  Think of what it is you want to gain from this experience.  Chastity is involved in many areas of the kink world from straight forward orgasm denial through to sissification, cuckolding, bdsm and many more.  It would be wise to think of what part it is you want to be in.

Once you have decided that is the first step out of the way.  In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in male chastity, so there are many at different stages in their journey.  Each has developed their own strategy of what works for them.

So you could be conversing on some sites with those who have practiced chastity for years, their views will obviously be different from someone who is relatively new to the scene.  This is where you have to remember that everyone starts somewhere and your start is personal to you.

Some want to lock for a month as a first step, some are glad to make their first 24hrs locked.  Each of these is valid to the person experiencing them.  No one is any better than anyone else.  If you are looking for advice before starting, by all means ask, people will be happy to help you start your journey.

I do hope you enjoy your journey and look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

1 thought on “A Word To The Newbie

  1. I have just discovered this website and am totally enthralled by it. Mistress Jules does indeed appear to be a remarkable lady worthy of all the adoration her site can provide her. Having read many comments and postings I feel that I must become part of this as I have a reason to be locked and would be willing to relinquish all control to my lady who would become my goddess. For me giving all control is just that. Things like what I eat; if I eat; where I go; attending to her needs like a slave; taking without question any form of punishment for whatever reason or no reason to name only what immediately comes to mind. This might be different from what mistress has ongoing at the moment with her chastity slaves but I feel it is what I need at this time. If anyone has any comments on my “fantasy” please give me them.

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