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5 Months On

It is now 5 months to the day since I locked my first chaste males.  There have been many changes in that time with one of the biggest just around the corner.

This weekend will see me graduate from Online Keyholder to Real Life Keyholder and Mistress.  I will at last be meeting with some of my chaste males and taking full control of their chastity.  As I am also leaning quite heavily towards Domme tendencies, there is a whole new range of options available to me and I may find I enjoy many more things that I thought I would.

With the introduction of MJ Dark for my more controlling tendencies it seems like there is a new world opening up to me and I am loving every bit of it.  Who knows what will happen this weekend but whatever it is, bring it on, I am ready to go forward and meet it head on.

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