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My Chastity Slave Flogged At Club Pedestal


So Friday 28th March was Club Pedestal at the Colusseum for the last time.  A femdom club in London, this was the ultimate place to go to enjoy some time with my slave and meet others who enjoy this dynamic.

I admit it took me some time to relax into it, probably because I had never played in public before.  With a locked and collared slave however it was eventually going to happen and when it did, ohh my!

We took our time wandering round, having a couple of drinks and getting to know the layout of the place.  Eventually we ended up sitting on a couch in the dungeon area watching some flogging.  I knew this is what I wanted to do but was a bit nervous.

At last one of the areas became available and we decided to go for it.  As he removed his shirt and I moved back to take up my position my nerves left and I just decided to go for it.  After a couple of relatively gentle testing blows I found my mojo.

As I watched the skin on his back redden with the blows, I checked to make sure there was no problem with carrying on, his smile said it all.  As I got more confident the blows became harder and more precisely placed, again and again I checked, again and again he smiled.

I was having such a fabulous time, making him mine, watching him flinch with each blow, caressing him as I checked he was ok to continue.

When I decided he had had enough for the first session, I suggested I would like to go for a cigarette, although willing to take more, I could see the slight relief on his face.

My first public use of my flogger, it most certainly wasn’t my last, nor will it be my only toy, I am already looking to expand my capabilities with different implements.  I look forward to my next adventure happening sooner rather than later.

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