It’s Cake Day!

Welcome to Cake Day, I am expecting lots of lovely pics, vouchers, afternoon tea treats and recipes,  if someone is really imaginative, possibly a real cake or two. Why not join me in exploring cake in all it’s glory?  What is your favourite cake, do you have a family recipe that everyone wants?  Let me… Read More It’s Cake Day!


Cake Day Tomorrow (Friday)

Friday will be cake day.  I expect you to send me all sorts of cakes of all descriptions.  I look forward to seeing who has some imagination. This will be followed by party time in the chat room.  All attendees should be appropriately dressed, locked if at all possible.


Submissive Or Slave?

What is the difference?  I admit it, I have no idea.  There have been some who have called themselves slave and some who have called themselves sub when they have contacted me.  As I deal with most people in the same manner it is not something that I have had to clarify. However on my… Read More Submissive Or Slave?