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Pay To See Who Is There, I Don’t Think So

So there you are, set yourself up to try and have some fun by offering to hold keys for guys and you join a few sites.  Now obviously some are good and some not so good.

There has been one recently which has changed beyond all recognition.  Whereas before you could check someone’s profile and message them, now this privilege costs you almost $30 per month.  Now why on earth would I pay to offer a keyholding service that I do not charge for?  There are only charges on my site if you choose to go down the dark side or purchase items from the store.  The normal site, forum and chatroom is free of charge so I most certainly will not be paying anything to anyone else.

So their over 10,000 members may well be dropping quite considerably as people realise that they need to pay to be able to contact or even look at the profile of others.  There are plenty of other sites which enable you to contact others, even if not in such a direct way.  It won’t be long before the members there find these places too.

It may seem like an easy way to make money, taking advantage of the current rise of interest in chastity, however for both keyholder and chaste male, there has to be some benefit for payment.  Being able to read a profile on the offchance that the person is interesting is not enough of a gain to be able to charge money for I don’t think.

1 thought on “Pay To See Who Is There, I Don’t Think So

  1. Was part of a site like that, but the Female members got free access while the male’s had to pay to get some of the features like send emails and view profiles.

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