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A Basic Ladies Guide To Male Chastity

When I first started to look into male chastity I was only looking for the basics.  I had nothing to compare it to and no idea what I was looking for really.  Now some months later I think I have a better understanding of the basics and also the other areas which use male chastity as part of their kink.

For those of us coming into this from the vanilla world, male chastity should be a very basic premise.  The male wears a chastity device (see Chastity Devices at UberKinky for some examples of devices) to ensure restriction of erection and orgasm.  As far as I understand, this restriction can produce a number of beneficial effects to a relationship, not least that of making the male more attentive towards the female.  (There is a load of science about this, I am not even going to start on, it is on the web if you wish to look.)

To me that was all it took, I wasn’t bothered about any of the other areas or further developments that could take place.  I just wanted that basic premise, a guy who would pay attention to me without always looking for sex.  Let’s face it, if he is locked then there is no sex unless I unlock him.  Until then there is attention, devotion, focus, all those things we used to read about and wish they would happen to us.

Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t all of a sudden going to remember every birthday, anniversary and your favourite restaurant within the first week.  However what it will do is make him more focused on you as a person.  He may become more touchy feely or notice what is happening in the house more.  He may become more adept at reading the unspoken signals of how you are feeling.  He may even try to help you out with chores or making things easier in day to day life.  I know, it sounds like the holy grail doesn’t it?   Now before you all rush out and buy a device to lock up your man, there are a few points to remember.

This is not something that can be taken lightly, it is a big thing for a guy to give up his orgasms, so don’t be that lock and forget person.  We do need to remind them just why they are doing this.  It is easily done, some touches and comments throughout the day, a few caresses when you are together.  All this done when there is nothing he can do about it makes for a very attentive partner.  Even something as simple as putting on some suggestive underwear in the morning with a comment to let him know he can’t do anything about it will ensure you are never far from his thoughts all day.

If you do decide to start this journey, take it step by step.  There are plenty sites where you will get lots of advice, however this is a personal journey.  What is good for someone who has been practicing chastity for years may not be good for you.  This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable so make sure you do it the way you want to.  As time goes on I am sure you will want to learn more and do more.

I do hope this has helped settle your mind into what the basics of male chastity are.  If you wish  to get in touch and ask anything please do so.  I hope to see you on your journey.

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  1. You are correct. I am in long term chastity although I did need to explain to my wife that two weeks on and two weeks off defeated the object.
    I am now caged 24/7 and only released for hygene puposes under a watchful eye, and allowed relief on special occasions. There is no sex in our relationship due to discomfort for her. Once I have performed for her, and cleaned up, it goes back on. Generally for four to eight weeks at a time. Alad I fear this session will be longer. The unknow is exciting and frustrating.
    Hope this helps.

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