Introducing A Partner, Male Chastity

New To Chastity Keyholding?

Welcome, I hope you find this site entertaining and informative.  I started the site when I first discovered male chastity and decided to start distance keyholding.  As a single female it was the best option I could see at the time.

I joined various other sites over the months and have found them to be somewhat useful but not totally.  I think this is mainly because the majority of sites about male chastity and keyholding are run by males.  Perfectly reasonable as they are the ones wearing the device, however not much use to me in the long run.  As I developed I also noticed that there can be a lot of diverse posts about variations to chastity I have little or no interest in.

This can become a problem when a site seems to have little or no posts which cover the kind of thing I am looking for. Where do you go for information, who do you ask, what may seem to be a silly question but is bugging you relentlessly?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers but  a fellow female to wonder with can’t be bad lol.

In an effort to ensure I can gain as much experience and information as possible whilst not feeling like a fool, I expanded my site.

From my basic blog side I have now added a forum, chat room and a paid services side.  This means I can still enjoy chatting to anyone who appears and yet keep control of my little corner of the web.  It is still relatively new so we all pretty much chat together most of the time, which is great when I have to ask a question that I am sure I should probably know the answer to by now.

I do hope you feel able to come and join me and exchange ideas and experiences regarding keyholding.  Feel free to email me if you would like to chat, catch up or just ask a question.