Mistress Jules Musings

Pleasing Your Mistress

Whether it is your wife/girlfriend/Mistress/Keyholder, there is going to come a time when you need to please her, buy her a gift or do something for her. Lets face it guys, you don’t have a clue most of the time. Pleasing your Mistress is a very big thing and you want to get it right.

Mens brains seem to be very simply wired, tell us what you want and we will arrange it. However this does not work in the pleasing the female scenario. Let me tell you why.

For however long you have been together in whatever capacity, there are things you should know. I shall use myself as an example – I am an online keyholder/Mistress and I have been posting for about 6 months. Between my posts and my time in the chatroom I would expect those I speak to frequently to know at least, the following –
I drink tea, not coffee
I like cake
I drink vodka
I have teenagers
I have a cat
I drive a lot
Now I would like to think that they know more however that will do for the moment.
Because you know these things at least, then you should be able to arrange a gift for me that is something I will appreciate. I should not have to ask, because that makes me feel like you are making no effort. So from the above, how can you make a fantastic present for your partner that shows you are not lazy or have a brain freeze? Let me tell you –
Tea – home made gift box with tea, biscuits, special china mug etc Afternoon tea out
Cake – either online delivery or arrange with local baker to make up a box filled with different cakes.
Vodka – Find out the mixer, gift box with vodka, mixer, special glass, you can even carry this on and make it a hangover survival kit as well with painkillers and eyemask lol.
Teenagers – that means stress, so what about a spa day, or afternoon tea out somewhere?
Cat – obviously an animal lover so a nice fleecy throw or cuddly toy to snuggle into
Driving – Does she listen to a specific radio station that you could put a request on? What about car accessories for her comfort. Audio books for her to listen to or a packed lunch if she is out for hours.
These are the kind of thoughts that will help you show your partner how much you care. Sometimes it is easier to be practical and helpful which is genuinely appreciated. However us females really would like for you to do something just a little bit special and just for us and we really don’t like having to tell you these things. We know that you know things about us, and therefore you should be able to invent a gift based on that knowledge.
I hope this has given you an insight into what many females would really appreciate, a truly thoughtful gift based on your knowledge, one we have not had to ask for or plant in your head.
Good Luck


PS  This most probably won’t work if your Mistress is a findom as they mainly are looking for cash.