Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

That First Extended Lockdown

That first extended lockdown, you remember, the one where you first found out this wasn’t quite as easy as your mind had imagined.

When you realised your balls were burning and you would have given your right arm for  permission to unlock, but you didn’t.  You made the decision to stay locked for the time required by your Keyholder/Mistress, even when they were hundreds possibly thousands of miles away.  This was your time, your time to prove you were really capable of doing this, not just fantasising about it.

You probably had many thoughts going through your head as you suffered those last few hours.  Don’t they always seem the worst, the hours really close to the time you know you can unlock?  Questioning thoughts – why am I doing this, why am I not just unlocking and saying I did the time and most of all, OMG am I mad?

That seems a perfectly normal reaction when first starting on this wonderful journey.  What separates the men from the boys is those who can stand tall and say, I am doing this because I can.  You know you want to, you know you have probably been craving this for some time.  You also know, many fail at this first hurdle, as soon as it becomes a bit less than the sexy fantasy they had been dreaming of then they unlock, throw the device in a drawer and go back to their fantasies.

You on the other hand are standing suffering, for no other reason than because I want you to get through these next few hours, I want to help you become a chaste male.  So I am asking you to suffer this time, to ensure your enjoyment as you know you have pleased me.

So when it gets really tough and your balls are burning and you just want to run and free yourself.  Slow down, make a cup of tea, remember I am sitting here clock watching as well, wondering if you will make it.  If you do, we can go further, if you don’t, it was nice knowing you.   Can you make it through those first few lockdowns to then be able to enjoy the full chastity journey?  Ohh I hope so, I really do.