Mistress Jules Musings

Who Am I?

I am the women you see every day, the ones you look past and through, the ones who barely register as you go through your busy day.  See that women across the road, the one lugging the shopping through the rain?  That is me, only you never see that me.

You see the corset clad Mistress, the one wielding the whip, the one you want to take control of your life and give yourself to.  Do you think of her, with the shopping in the rain? Do you think of her unlocking her door and starting to cook as she fires up the computer to check in with her guys?

Which one of them are you?  Are you the one who asks how her day has been, secretly hoping she says fine so you can tell her about your desires?  Or are you the one who doesn’t even ask, who immediately mentions what he has done and whether she thinks he should be locked or punished?  Or are you that unusual one who does ask and when you hear that she is just in, says ok, I’ll let you get on, speak to you when you have time?

She loves this other persona, the one that is desired and has the power, wouldn’t it be lovely to be that all day every day.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, bills need to be paid and cooking and cleaning needs to be done.

So if she manages to spend some time with you and make you feel good in that busy multi faceted life of hers, appreciate it.  She is probably putting on a washing and cleaning the house after she has said good night to you.

Who am I?  I am many wonderful things, daughter, lover, mother, Domme, worker, handyman, Mistress.  I am the women you see every day, maybe this time, you will look more closely.