Male Chastity

Looking Forward to Lockdown Day

It’s Wednesday, only two more days until Lockdown Day, I am getting so excited.  My padlocks are on their way to the lucky recipients, keys are ready to follow, this is so much fun.

I wonder how they will react when they click that padlock closed, knowing the key is not with them.  No easy out, unless they use bolt cutters, no chance of freedom until those keys arrive.  They know this is what they want but will it be as they imagined or will it be a whole new world?

I am really looking forward to it.  Hats off to the guys who have taken that step to make their fantasies a reality, not many are brave enough to give up that amount of control.  I think a celebration may be in order.

Friday night, 9pm my time is when I expect everyone to be locked, I do hope they all manage it.  I will have prepared a simple set of tasks for them to do in the first 24hrs, starting with the verification photograph that I should have received by that time.

To lock yourself into chastity under the control of another is a heady feeling indeed as is holding the keys for those who have locked.  It will be a rollercoaster ride I am sure to see just how long they can manage.  I will be happy if they all manage 24 hours.  I am under no illusions as to just how difficult it is to be under someones control to that extent.

Just how long will it take I wonder until they questions begin?  How long Mistress, please Mistress, I am begging here Mistress and other similar questions.  I expect begging, bribery, cajoling, flattery and all sorts of other attempts to obtain freedom.  I wonder which if any will succeed?