Mistress Jules Musings

New Shoes

It’s happened, I have turned into one of those females who needs more shoes.  I don’t know what happened, I never used to bother about shoes before, then all of a sudden, pow!

I have looked at more new shoes on the internet in the last two days than I have probably done in the last 2 years.  Today I was in three shoe shops and I bought a pair of shoes, just the one pair granted.  Ohhhh but what a pair, shiny black patent with 5 inch heels, they are just so shiny and new and high and lush.  Then home I came and went on the internet looking for more.

High heels have got me in their grasp, shiny high heels are even better.  I am sure it must have something to do with getting a pair of my favourite stockings.  The black ones with the red seams, they just deserve beautiful shoes.  Ohh and lets not forget about the boots, we can’t forget about the boots, high heeled, lacing etc.

I think someone has come and stolen my normal brain somehow, this never used to bother me in the least, now I want high heels, the more the better, the shinier the better.

Ohh dear, let me go check ebay and see if I won that pair I bid on.  Then off to Amazon in case anyone is in a generous mood and would like to add to my collection.

Shoes, I certainly wasn’t expecting that lol