Changes and Opportunities

It has been a strange couple of weeks with many changes and opportunities presenting themselves.  As I have learned more and more about this world I have entered I find myself increasingly drawn to the more dominant side of my personality and the opportunites that presents.

Male Chastity and Keyholding will always be my first loves, however it is necessarily something with limited opportunity.  I have however managed to gain access to discreet premises in Glasgow where I will be able to do personal locking for anyone who wishes to take that route.

I am also able to offer my services as a professional dominatrix from these premises, something I am really excited about.  Now I get to play with all those toys with people who enjoy it and actively seek it.  That is such a fantastic thought, I am so looking forward to meeting new people and having a great time with them as we explore all sorts of desires.

If you would like to find out more about my new professional life then feel free to check out my profile on Adultwork at .  If you are in Glasgow then why not see about coming to visit me in person ? I am sure we could make it an enjoyable time for you.

I will still be posting and tweeting as normal here, I really enjoy that way too much to stop and I would miss all my guys who visit and keep me reminded of just how much fun this world really is. I will however be removing Dark, as there is no need for two professional personas.

I hope you will keep visiting and letting me know how you are getting on in your journey through this wonderful world.  I look forward to seeing you in the future.