Mistress Jules Musings

A Word About Pictures

Over the last few months I have seen many pictures of many things as I explore the worlds of chastity and bdsm.  Some have been pretty, some not so much, some funny and some should just not have bothered.

It surprises me though on some sites, where guys are actively seeking a lady to be a Keyholder or a Mistress, that there are so many cock shots.  I am sure it is more than adequately published that it is males who are turned on by the visual, not females.

So to all you guys out there, taking pics of yourself locked or dressed in stockings etc, it’s not worth posting a picture hoping it will impress a lady.  Most of the time we just think it is crude and boring.

What I have also noticed recently which is probably not helping the situation is the encouragement of others in posting these pics.  Now as we all know you can be anyone you want to be on the internet, and for some males that means being a female.  Let me give you an example.

Newbie on a site, joins up, posts a pic which is borderline, certainly from a females point of view.  He then gets a comment from a site member whose photo is a female, whose name is a female telling him welcome to the site and ohhh could we have more of those lovely pics of him in a chastity device or stockings etc.  Newbie thinks he is doing well so posts more pics as requested,  not realising that the request came from a CD/TV who is now enjoying looking at the pics.  Poor newbie who is looking for a Keyholder/Mistress is now ignored by real ladies who are turned right off by the crude and vulgar pictures on his profile.

I know this is rather an extreme example but I can see on some sites the ladies leaving and/or reducing their visits.  Who wants to sit and look at pic after pic of mens genitals?  Not any lady I know.