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The Mind Reading Mistress

As a Mistress and now Dominatrix and Owner I like to think I know a bit about what each of the guys I have locked is looking for.  Please note the wording there, it is very important “a bit” not everything, not most but “a bit”. I am a Mistress not a mind reader

To know what someone is looking for, to be able to push the right buttons to give them what they desire?  That takes more than “a bit” of knowledge, certainly more than I can gain from a few emails over a couple of weeks. This is why I like to take my time and get to know someone so we can have the best experience possible together.

Unfortunately some seem to think that I know things about which I have been told nothing.  I can only work from the information I have to hand, sometimes, in fact quite often, this contradicts previous information I have been given.

Initially you may tell me that you fantasise about being locked for my pleasure.  No notice required, no reason not to, you want to be locked just because I can.  So there we are, I have told you to lock, I am then told that you couldn’t possibly due to work, family, doctors, pain, ill fitting device and other reasons.  Now some of these I know are pointless, others I can see why locking could be a problem.  As I have always said I will never cause unnecessary problems for you in your day to day life, I relent and say you may lock another time.

It turns out you can lock and all you wanted was me to be dominant and tell you that you had to do my bidding.  You feel I have failed in your expectations, where is the strict Mistress you thought you were working with?  Well she is about to kick your ass for misleading her, I can tell you that.  All you have done with that is show yourself to be someone who cannot be trusted to tell me the truth.

If I have no idea of the thoughts behind what you tell me then I will take it at face value.  Why would I not, why would you lie to me?  There is more chance of you being shunned from telling me lies than there is from telling me what it is you are hoping for.   “I only wish to serve you Mistress” is a lovely sentiment, however ultimately it is useless.  With no information about your wants and desires, how can I push you, how can we find new places together, how can I ensure you are safe and happy?

If you are looking for a Mistress, I am happy to speak to you and see if we are compatible.  If you are looking for a mind reader try Derren Brown.