More Toys Are Needed

Having visited the club this weekend just past, I have decided I am in desperate need of some new toys.  Floggers, whips, canes, crops, paddles, I need more of them. Watching those ladies use such equipment with such elan and precision has made me realise I want to be able to do that.  I want… Read More More Toys Are Needed

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Free Chastity Padlock

That’s right another free padlock is being offered,  this time for Lockdown Day. One of the lucky participants in Lockdown Day will receive their padlock for free.  All those who purchase a padlock will be entered into a draw where a winner will be randomly selected.  This lucky winner will receive a refund of the… Read More Free Chastity Padlock

Mistress Jules Musings


Realisation dawned this morning that many may not see me as I see myself.  In this world of instant gratification and online personas there may be doubt in the minds of some as to how much of this journey I blog about is real.  That realisation was not a pleasant thought. Now I could and… Read More Realisation

Male Chastity

Can You Do Chastity?

Over time there have been many guys approach me online asking for me to take control  of their keys and put them into chastity.  Lock them up and deny them , tease and frustrate them. I have helped some and been unable to help others.  Some come into my online community full of questions, full… Read More Can You Do Chastity?