Male Chastity

Mature Metal – Excellent Customer Service

As you may have heard, my slave took delivery of his new Mature Metal Jailbird.  There was much excitement as he tried it out and was very enthusiastic about it.  Unfortunately there were a couple of small issues that meant it wasn’t entirely perfect, so he emailed Mature Metal two days ago and got a reply within 24hrs.

In this age of less than exemplary customer service I have to say Mature Metal are one of the good guys.  An explanation was provided with apologies and we were told to send the device back and adjustments would be made.  There were also instructions on what to include with the returned device to ensure duty would not have to be repaid and that they would cover delivery costs for the return of the device.

It was so nice to be treated as a person as opposed to a nameless order, so hats off to Mature Metal, the device arrived within the original timescale intimated and was very close to being perfect.  That they are happy to make the adjustments to give us that perfect device makes them a company I would recommend highly.