Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Are You A Worthy Slave?

If you follow me on twitter (@mjkhscotland) you will know that I travel extensively round Scotland every week.  I visit many towns and cities on my travels and have been invited on a number of occassions to meet up with people for “coffee” whilst I am out and about.

A very nice invitation I am sure, let me just ask you this, are you a worthy slave?

You may have spoken to me online, we may have exchanged emails a few times.  I may even have controlled one of your chastity lockdowns.  Does that mean you are worthy?

Maybe we should look at this another way, what have we gained from our communication so far?  What is there that has happened between us that would make us want to meet in real life?

Well you have been a very good online slave, you have sent emails and verification pictures, you have constantly checked that there is nothing else that Mistress would like you to do for her, like wear a butt plug or self flagellation.  This would be an ideal time whilst she is out and about for us to take it to the next level, wouldn’t it?

Lets ask ourselves what we would gain from this meeting?

Of course, you get to meet Mistress Jules, that enigmatic creature that chats to you as if you are a normal person one minute and demands your chastity the next.  Who asks if you really need to be unlocked or is it just that you want to be unlocked?  The lady who in her pictures is weilding whips and handcuffs that if you are lucky she may use on you.

You get to meet her, chat with her, I bet you would tidy your flat/house first just in case she had time to visit.  Ohh you even washed the bedding, well done.  Well you never know, you have been such a good slave online, she may want to reward you.

Let’s just check shall we, what Mistress Jules gets out of this?

Of course, Mistress Jules gets to meet the guy at the other end of the emails.  The guy who emails and messages to make sure there is nothing else he can do to please her.  Usually as soon as he sees Mistress online.  The guy who locks for her pleasure and sends photographs to verify he is genuine.  The guy who after a whole lot of attention from Mistress Jules thinks she will be ecstatic with an offer of –

Coffee and an invitation to fulfill his fantasies.

Hmmm does that seem like a worthy slave?

Someone that I want to interrupt my working day for, take a detour, meet up with and have him invite me to lock him in person or take a whip to?

A worthy slave notices things, like a long day or a late finish and does not look for Mistress to pay him attention at that time.  He should stay quietly in the background until she calls for him on these occassions.

A worthy slave is someone who puts his Mistress first and pays attention to her needs.  Not just what would please him.  A worthy slave is someone who spends money on his Mistress.  If after an initial interaction you don’t feel your Mistress is worth spoiling or spending money on, then don’t expect any attention from her.  I wouldn’t go out on a date with someone and expect to buy all my own food and drink, I don’t expect to spend the same amount of time with someone online without feeling they appreciate me.

A worthy slave knows that it is the little things that count,  making sure your Mistress knows how much you appreciate her time and efforts should be the first thing on your mind at all times.  The more you appreciate your Mistress, the more she will appreciate you.

Are you a worthy slave – or are you just another one handed typist acting out your fantasies?