Male Chastity

Chastity Or Release?

A week from now I shall be in London spending some quality time with my slave.  We have both been looking forward to it for some weeks now with many plans being made.  One of the most important decisions has not yet been taken. Will he remain locked for the duration of my stay or will he gain release at some point?  Chastity or Release?

This is obviously one of the most important decisions about my visit for both of us.  Then of course there is the obligatory follow on question of if he is released from chastity does he get the opportunity to orgasm?

I am sure he will be sweating by the time he has read this far, I wonder if he dares read any further?

It won’t matter if he does, as there will be nothing decided about such things until I am down there.  I am a great believer in release not being pre planned, there is no telling what will happen on a daily basis.  So my decision regarding chastity or release will be based on the situation at the time.

Who knows, maybe I will want to tie him down, use chains and whips then unlock him and tease him mercilessly for a while.  Now after that I could let him orgasm, or I could just lock him back up.  Who knows just how I will be feeling at the time.

Imagine, spending time with your Mistress, the Mistress who lives so far away you can only see her infrequently, and not knowing if she will unlock you.  Never mind the thought of letting you have an orgasm.

Ohh gentlemen, I know you are enjoying that thought, I know I am.  Maybe I shall manage to keep you up to date whilst I am away.  Maybe you should all just lock whilst I am away and see if you can stand the suspense.