Male Chastity

World Cup Chastity Game

Here I was wondering how to keep all you lovely guys occupied whilst I was off on my jaunt to London.  Well wonder no longer, I have devised a chastity game which revolves around the Football World Cup.  It’s very simple to play and could be fun or could be torture, we will have to wait for the results to see how it ends up.

I will put it in the free downloads section for you all to be able to access it.  However I expect a tribute of some kind either through the donation button or from my wishlist for this fabulous invention.

Now I do have to say that I do not follow football so there is no reason whatsoever behind any of the teams I mention.  Except of course England as they are on the same island as myself so need to be suitably supported.

So off you go and download the game, I do hope you have fun with it.