Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Time In Chastity

It’s one of the constantly recurring questions from so many people in different areas of the Male Chastity scene.  “What was/is/will be your time in chastity?”

Guess what? It doesn’t matter, not one bit/jot/iota as to how long anyone is in chastity previously, presently on in the future. The only person you should be worried about is yourself and your time in chastity.

There is absolutely no point in comparing yourself to someone whose time in chastity will be vastly different to yours. With all the different areas of male chastity and other kinks getting brought in to the mix, it is highly unlikely any two people will have the same experience.

With feminisation, cuckoldry, humiliation, femdom, kink etc all being brought in with male chastity, who is to say which is suitable for you and if it will remain that way?  So it stands to reason that comparing a sissy maid and their time in chastity with someone who only has time in chastity as an occasional kinky bit of fun would not seem realistic.

Yet no matter how many times I say it, you do still compare, don’t you guys?  With the other guy who started locking about the same time as you, the guy who has the same kind of device as you etc etc.  Now that is all very well, however there is one important part missing from all this.

Your time in chastity all depends on one crucial element – A Keyholder.  Whether it is your Mistress, wife, lover, professional until you have handed over the control to someone else then you are missing out.

A Keyholder defining your time in chastity takes you to a new level of frustration and desire. Not knowing when or if you are getting unlocked, never mind and orgasm. Will it be this weekend, this week, this month or even this year?

If you are lucky enough to have a Keyholder, make sure you show them your appreciation, there is nothing worse than having that chance and letting it slip through your fingers.