Male Chastity

Punishment On Visit To Chastity Slave

What a marvelous thing it is to be able to visit my Chastity Slave and enjoy the pleasure and punishment involved.  It is unfortunate that because of my location there seems to be very few local slaves.  However a trip to London to visit is a great way to spend a weekend.

He met me at the train station, locked with the padlock I had provided, I made sure he could see the key round my neck very clearly.  I have to say apart from a few glances at the key he behaved beautifully and did not mention his locked state or the key throughout my visit.

He was unlocked for some of the time, I certainly didn’t want to suffer from his locked state.  All things considered, I can truly say, he made sure my pleasure was his first concern.  From making tea when I awoke to leaving me in peace to read and taking his punishments, he did very well.

With both vanilla and kink opportunities, I was spoiled for choice however as you may have realised by the pictures I tweeted, I really enjoyed putting those stripes on his back.  He had been warned that bratty behaviour prior to my visit would be getting dealt with whilst I was there.  I think he was a bit unsure if I would actually carry it out.

It is gratifying to see the surprise when a seemingly perfectly vanilla time can turn into a punishment session.  I put my book down, went for a cigarette and as I did, told him I expected him ready and waiting on my return.  No Mistress clothes, no preamble, just the sure knowledge that punishment can happen any time.

So gentlemen, next time you are thinking of being bratty, remember, punishment can happen when you least expect it.