BDSM, Mistress Jules Musings

Domination Resumed

It is now time to resume my Domination of my chosen few.  Having had a break and allowed them one also, it is time to click those locks and renew those controls.

Domination has so many different facets, from humiliation to chastity and many areas in between.  It seems I enjoy lifestyle control the most along with CP and chastity.  To take a man and decide what he wears, what he eats, when he can cum, I just enjoy that so much.

As time goes on and I take more control it is just such a thrill to know that they are doing what I wish them to.  It is such a thrill going about my daily business knowing that in different places around the world there are my guys, doing what they have been told.

Locked in chastity, wearing the clothes I decided on, eating the food I tell them to and of course only cumming when I give permission.

It is a heady mix and I just love it.

So now that I have returned from my delightful break it is time to take back the reins of control and start to make my presence felt again.

So far we have taken control of keys on Keysafe, he will be receiving an email of instructions shortly.  Given a list of instructons to a beginner in chastity, his lifestyle is most certainly mine, down to what time he shall be going to bed, how often he will contact me etc.

Some think of Domination as whips and chains and leather clad dominatrix, I prefer to think of it as an all round lifestyle choice.  Basically your life becomes mine.  It starts off small as I spend quite a bit of time getting to know your daily schedule etc so I can ensure that my dominaton does not adversly affect your professional or family life.

Once I have that information then I can begin to take over, until you become mine and need to ask permission for almost everything.  If you are lucky I may let you visit the bathroom without permission, I will not however let you eat unless I have permitted it.

So enjoy your freedom, as I am about to resume my Domination.