Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Dominant Females and Chastity Sites

The internet is great for kink isn’t it?  There are so many sites dedicated to so many different areas of kink.  I would think it would be difficult not to be able to find a site, forum, chatroom that reflects your own personal kink to some extent, mine is chastity sites.

Even if you can’t, it’s not that difficult to set up your own as I have here.  I don’t expect it to compete with the main chastity fourms, however it is here and it is mine and it does what I want it to do.  In this case, does not have a gallery for people to post pictures.

I noticed when I started looking into Male Chastity that there were a plethora of pictures of locked cocks.  Forum members having galleries on forums where they would post what to me amounted to porn.  I found this very boring and absolutely not what I was looking for.  However these sites have been running for years, it is not my place to say how someone else’s site should be run.  So although I am a member of a few sites, there are very few I regularly check into or post on.

I made my own site, I added a forum then a chatroom.  These run the way I like, there is no gallery and any crude conversation is not allowed if I am in the chatroom.  Respect and manners are required on my site, any posts on the forum that are not of that ilk will be deleted.

From the numerous posts I do see on various chastity sites from guys looking for a female to become their Keyholder, it seems that females are in short supply.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is because most of these sites are like male locker rooms.

Gentlemen, if you are looking for genuine females to interact with, then you need to be in a place where females feel comfortable.  Sites which abound with posts about devices, how horny people are and what punishments they would like are not somewhere comfortable for females.

The dominant female is a rare breed, they take careful handling and an environment conducive to their comfort.  Maybe the reason they are so difficult to find, is their natural habitat is being taken over by others.