Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

What I Want From A Submissive/Slave

There have been many posts about what I don’t like from submissives/chastity slaves.  I shall take my own advice and stop complaining and give the opportunity for people to know what I do want.

So there follows a list of characteristics that I would like my submissives/chastity slaves to have.

Respectful and polite, first and foremost. I always enjoy interacting with someone who is respectful and polite.

Typing with both hands.  It is nice to know that their full attention is on me and not other parts of their anatomy.

Understanding – I am human with a family and job, sometimes I cannot be the strict dominant, I just have to be me.

Adaptable – Things are not set in stone, life happens, lets laugh and find another time to play.

Realistic – We are two human beings, good days and bad.  Realistically all will not be as we would hope all of the time.  That is ok, as long as we accept that.

Joyful – This is fun, it is for both of us to enjoy.


I am not feeling this list – so what do I want?


I want someone wants to please me.  They should be happy to be the first to contact me in the morning to waken me.  Happy to get my reply and carry on our day knowing we are in each others thoughts.

I need someone who will be happy to be locked and happy not to be locked, just be happy to be doing what I require of them.

Impulsive and joyful, you should enjoy the silly ideas and messages that show I am thinking of you, probably not in the way you imagined but hey, I’m still thinking of you.

Impulsive and joyful, you should enjoy surprising me with messages, gifts, texts etc to show I am in your thoughts.

Mad – well what can I say, it helps.

Accepting – you need to accept that although much of the time I am nice, when I am not, you will suffer, probably greatly.  I will enjoy it, you probably will too.  However it will normally be unannounced, I do so hate to be predictable.  Accept the unexpected.

Kinky – I enjoy male chastity, I enjoy locking away mens cocks until I decide they should be unlocked.  I enjoy BDSM, whips and chain, oh yes, they excite me as does a lot more.  So although the above seems very easy, this bit is not.  You will be mine, no excuses, no sharing, you will be mine to do with as I please.  If I want you naked, locked and chained to the bed awaiting my arrival then that is how you will be, or there will be some very significant consequences.  I want the best of all  worlds and I surely intend to have it.