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Male Chastity, A Smaller Niche Than I Realised

As you know if you visit this site on a regular basis, I go to kink/fetish clubs.  Well I mainly go to one club in Glasgow at the moment.  Which is where I was on  Saturday night.  As I am sure you have seen on the forum, Lockit was locked and at home, waiting on me calling.  I enjoy telling him what is happening throughout the night.

It was whilst I was at the club that it eventually dawned on me that Male Chastity is still quite a small niche.  I was speaking to various people throughout the night, of all persuasions as I was introduced to some people as a member of the venue team.

The introduction usually took the form of “This is Mistress Jules Keyholder”.  I was wearing a corset with the functional key on a chain round my neck with the key sitting just above my cleavage. I think only once did the person I was introduced to understand what it meant which I found quite surprising considering the situation.

There were a few requests for my services as a Dominatrix throughout the night but no one asked about the male chastity side apart from asking what being a Keyholder meant when we were introduced.

So I am wondering, is it because I was at a kink/fetish club that there were few who knew of our niche, or is it generally that our niche is not as widespread as I thought it was?  I suppose that because I generally haunt the sites related to Male Chastity I am getting a false sense of the popularity of my particular kink.

Things will of course be different the next time I attend the club as Lockit will be with me.  I have to say I am looking forward to that greatly, I wonder how many if any will realise that he is chaste and I wear the key.  It will be interesting to find out I think.