Male Chastity

Long Distance Chastity

This long distance chastity is not the easiest thing to do.  It requires a lot of keeping in touch and learning a lot about someone.

I am lucky in that with lockit our long distance chastity does get punctuated with visits to each other.  So we have spent quality time together which makes it a lot easier to continue to play when we are apart.

Although this partnership was initiated and continues on the basis of Male Chastity, it has a very personal basis as well.  We get on as people.  Which is just as well the amount of time we have spent talking about cars recently (we both need a new car at the same time). Without being able to talk about real life I don’t think we would have lasted past the first week.

This is how I can become a keyholder for a few people at the same time.  There are some who only see chastity as a kink, others are already attached whether in a vanilla relationship or with a kink partner.  Others again who are not looking for chastity, just want to have some play time when at a club.  Some of course have just become friends in the most basic sense of the word.

Long distance chastity allows everyone involved to decide how much effort and real life time into the situation.  There are some who are only interested in an online relationship with a Mistress, no device goes near them unless I ask for a photograph.  Others who would happily come and live in my house to serve.  I personally prefer my long distance chastity to comprise a bit of locking, a bit of personal chat and a bit of teasing.

If by some miracle we actually get on as people then possibly if you are really lucky, I may visit.  So as you can see, a long distance chastity relationship is possible, even desireable to some.  Who knows what may come from it?