Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Locked Whilst The Fun Begins

It was a lovely day, we drove hundreds of miles round the Scottish countryside chatting and laughing together.  He was locked of course so there were a few discussions about what would happen when we returned to the house, just to make sure he remembered he was locked.

At the end of the day we went out for a steak dinner, it was lovely to be stopped after all that driving.  It was even better knowing that he was locked in front of all these people and only we knew about it.

The decision had already been made about playtime that evening, we were going to spend a relaxing evening, exploring different things and each other.  There was a slight feeling of expectation as we ate, knowing when we got back to the house that it was game on.

On our return we sat and had a relaxing cup of tea, making sure that everything was organised, doors locked and our time was our own.  Well our time was mine would be more accurate I think.

What followed was a few hours of pampering, squirming, writhing and moaning. I was the one being pampered, the rest was pretty much from both of us.

It is a delight when in a long distance situation to get together and have time to enjoy each other. We certainly did and what a time it was.  The Jailbird is such a small and neat device, it makes things so much easier with regards to public wear.  It also is a whole lot of fun for teasing and denial.  A night of pleasure for me whilst he was kept locked.

Tonight we continue our adventure with a visit to my favourite club.  This will be the first time he has been with me and it promises to be an exciting night.  Watch this space for an update.