Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Chastity At Home

It won’t be long until Lockit is back in London, he left early this morning to drive the 450 plus miles that would take him home.

It has been a very different time from our previous meetings as this time he came to visit me.   What started as a week of him staying with family and coming to visit me ended up with a week staying with me and him visiting family.

It is a very strange situation for me to have someone here, in my home. I have a child, a cat and a very independent streak, another person staying is not something that I have envisaged for many years.  Somehow though, it worked out.

I think partly because we were under no illusions about what would happen.  My home is not a dungeon, it is not a place of domination, it is my sanctuary and where my life is my own.  That we have progressed to a relationship as two people alongside being Mistress and Slave is what made this week possible.

I cooked, he was suitably appreciative, he fixed the lighting in the house, I was suitably appreciative.  We went to the shops, visited family on both sides, petted the cat and generally had a very domestic time.

We also practiced chastity, went to a munch, visited a fet club and enjoyed a lot of quality Mistress and slave time.  He met those I play with when he is not here and now can visualise where I am and what I am doing when he is locked and waiting on my call.

It is strange to think that all this has come about from an online chastity situation.  It certainly wasn’t what either of us was expecting when we first chatted online all those months ago.

So I guess the moral of the story is, be careful what you wish for.  It may start the way you expect and then evolve into something completely different and much more enjoyable.

Now we are back to each being home at opposite ends of the country.  Who knows what will happen next.