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Male Chastity Devices 101

Having recently visited a few different chastity websites it has occurred to me that there is a fascination about the different devices.  A never ending stream of questions, polls, experiences all about which chastity device is the best.

Best in what way?  Are you asking whether it is the most secure or possibly the most comfortable?  What about the least visible with jeans on or least accessible?

There are so many questions out there that it would be impossible to even attempt to give answers here.  Also as I am obviously female, I have no clue, my experience is second hand from what I have been told by device wearers.

I did once read a post where someone new to chastity asked for some basic advice.  I was horrified when someone replied that they would want to start shaving their legs and wearing stockings as a result of wearing a chastity device. To the best of my knowledge that is not correct.

My basic knowledge which may be useful to someone new to the scene is this –

There are many different devices that can be broken down into a few basic categories –


Silicone – A must to keep clean so needs to be removed regularly for hygiene purposes

Plastic – Again, must keep clean so needs to be removed regularly for hygiene purposes

Need I say more than unbreatheable material and hot weather? They are however fabulous devices for those just beginning their chastity journey.

Steel devices – The cheaper versions are usually not medical grade stainless steel so just keep an eye for degradation of the steel in any way or a rougher finish.  The more expensive versions are usually safe enough for prolonged wear after you have done the usual intial wearing in.


There are also differences in style with full belt, enclosed device and open device.  I personally prefer a relatively open device so I can tease.  The choice of style of device comes down to the individual.

Security comes down to personal choice I feel.  With piercings available to aid security there are a variety of ways to ensure that freedom is not an easy option.  A device which is attached to a piercing is going to cause quite a bit of damage to remove without a key.  I would say that makes it pretty secure.

So that is the basics as I see it.  As I say, I am no expert but for those just starting their journey into Male Chastity, it is some basic information which may help.  For more detailed information, try the other chastity sites, there you will find information from the guys.