BDSM, Male Chastity


Discipline comes in many forms. It is as individual as the person giving or receiving.  For some discipline needs to be harsh and physical for them to meet their desires. For others it is slightly more subtle, less physical and more mental.  Whatever your preference, discipline can stretch out a simple task into something much… Read More Discipline

Mistress Jules Musings

Quick Update

It’s that time again, I am back home in Scotland and ready to play with all you lovely gentlemen who would like me to take charge of your chastity. Although I have just found out that the padlock that was supposed to be posted after my departure is still here.  Note to self – never… Read More Quick Update

Male Chastity

Chastity Fun

Isn’t it fabulous when it is time for some chastity fun?  I have been here for a few days now and we have spent a lot of time in preparation, buying new toys, ensuring things are up to date so we have time to ourselves. Tonight is the night for some chastity fun I think. … Read More Chastity Fun